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Free Shipping Bar by PoCo


Boost Cart Values and Sales Promote your free shipping offers with updating messages and a cart goal. Motivate your customers to increase cart values and boost sales! Advanced Targeting Display different free shipping offers based on country, pages, device and time period. Optimize your revenue boost from free shipping. Free Shipping Offers with Updating Messages: * Display your free shipping offer in a customizable bar * Show updated text when customers put more items in their shopping carts * Congratulate customers when they get free shipping offers Advanced Targeting: * Geotargeting: Set different bars to display to visitors from different countries, such as "Free shipping over $50" in US and "Free shipping over $70" in Canada * Display page targeting: Configure bars to only display on certain pages, such as all pages, home page only, collection or product pages, or by providing the URLs Enjoy the app for free, or upgrade the plan for advanced targeting options.