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Scalify for Facebook Ads

Scalify — The Right Way to Scale Your Facebook Ads New to Facebook Ads? Can't figure out how to promote your products without losing your time and money? Scalify helps you launch analyze, optimize, and scale your store more profitably with game-changing automation! Launch: Easily Create Ads That Convert Launch targeting, retargeting, retention, and scaling ad campaigns in minutes with Scalify's fully automated campaign creation workflow. Analyze: Learn What Drives Conversions And Why Scalify collects data from your store, Google Analytics, and Facebook to provide you with a single source of truth you can rely on. Track KPIs in a clear dashboard, get unbiased ROAS data, and make the right decision, every time. Automate: Optimize Your Ads 24/7: Pre-built Automation Strategies Activate ready-to-launch Facebook ad optimization strategies instantly. Automatically turn off wasteful ads, re-activating ads with scaling potential, and scale steadily by shifting your budget to winning ads. Scale: Mass Create 200 Laser-Targeted Lookalike Audiences Generate up to 200 lookalike audiences in minutes, expand globally 20% country reach, and find winning audiences to scale faster.