logo image for wix app named Smartbis: Cashback Rewards

Smartbis: Cashback Rewards


Digital Marketing Automation with personalized strategies via WhatsApp, SMS and E-mails. Our resources stimulate new sales and personalize the consumer experience with each purchase, increasing recurrence and the average ticket in your E-commerce. Functionalities: * Refer & Earn - Customers who invite friends can be rewarded for doing so * Marketing automation via SMS (non-renewable) * Email Marketing Automation and Scheduling * WhatsApp Automation and Scheduling * Integration and Dissemination of your Social Networks * QrCode Generator for Marketing Campaigns * Automatic Issuance of Vouchers with custom rules - Maximum validity for using Vouchers (in days) - Automatic sending of Vouchers (based on order value) - Minimum Order Amount to use Cashback - Cashback Lock when orders use Discount Coupon * Automatic Validation of Vouchers * Manual Cashback Withdrawal by the Customer * Manual Bonus to Reward Better Customers * Automated NPS Satisfaction Survey * Customer Service Menu * Graphic Dashboards with your Best Customers * Help Center with Manuals and Video Lessons