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SMS Notifications is a powerful SMS app that can help you in 2 areas of running your business: Marketing & Alerts. Marketing: - SMS messages have a higher read rate than email and they can be used to inform your audience of important events related to your business. - You are able to send a mass announcement campaign for a big list of phone numbers. - In order to create the list of phone numbers in the campaign, you can either import phone numbers from existing Contacts or add them from an external source. Alerts for yourself: - Running a business is not an easy feat, running a side business is an even bigger challenge. It's hard to always keep track of what's happening on your site. - You can receive SMS notifications for important Stores events. For example, when a new order is placed. - Receive SMS notifications when Forms are submitted on your site. - Get SMS notifications anytime a Booking is created, rescheduled or canceled. - Receive SMS notifications for Restaurants (new orders) and Events (tickets sold) Alerts for your customers: - Remind customers of upcoming Bookings using up to 2 SMS reminders, sent at your desired timeframes. - Restaurant orders SMS notifications