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XCollab: Brand Collaborations

Acquiring customers at positive ROI is a constant challenge for ecommerce stores. Ad costs have been increasing each year. With XCollab, merchants can collaborate to open new, complementary markets and acquire high-intent purchasers at low cost. As a merchant, you can be both an advertiser and publisher. Collaboration between merchants can even work both ways. How does it work for Advertiser? Advertiser are merchants who offer deals to other merchants. They can offer discount code like "$10 OFF" to customers from publisher merchants. This allows advertisers to acquire high-intent purchasers at a low cost. How does it work for Publisher? Publisher are merchants who promote advertiser offers. What's the benefit of being a publisher? You can use partner offers to increase AOV and boost conversion. With advertiser offers, you can setup promotion like "Get $10 OFF at Advertiser Store when you spent at least $100". Best of all, there are no costs for you to setup these promotions! Bring your Own Partner Have a merchant that you want to collaborate with? Invite them to XCollab and setup a private deal with them! Publishers can always run campaigns on free plan.